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Pete Groch

My passion for music seemed to intensify during the year that I spent working with the mentally ill homeless in San Diego, CA. A friend of mine (Rob Porro) and I would routinely play guitar and surf to take the edge off of our everyday stresses. We would jam to different cover songs as well as create our own rhythms and rhymes. After returning to Philly in September of 2004, I recorded my first set of songs which was called "Reflections". Soon enough, I began to play cover songs at bars and eventually did gigs with a drummer (Bud Conway) and an upright bassist (Phil D'Agostino).

In January of 2007, I left Philadelphia for the Hawaiian Islands. My time in the islands was incredible and gave me additional inspiration for creating music. I worked as a line cook to pay the bills and barely made it by. After 11 months in Hawaii, I had to return to the "mainland" due to a broken foot from playing in a barefoot soccer game. The re-adjusting to Philly's speedy pace has been a challenge but has also driven me to pick up where I left off. I have finished my second set of songs labeled "No-Frills" and I continue to play cover songs at local bars and restaurants.

Red Phone says, "Glad you're back in town Pete! We're proud to represent you!"

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