Alfred James Band
Almost Famous
Caribbean Connection 
Chico’s Vibe
Down Island Dogs
Jeff Domenick and The Fraction
John Forth Band
John Hoey Orchestra 
Len Michael Band
Malarkey Brothers
Pawnshop Roses
Red Alert
Rob Vigg & the Secret Guests 
Seven Day Sunday
Sound Factory Orch.
Soul Purpose
Spill the Wine
Sunset 9
Ten Feet Tall
The Cardiac All Stars
The Dan Kauffman Band 
The Fraction
The Jason Farley Band
The John & Dave Band
The Ken Battista Band
The Kroppdusters
The Mark Teague Band
The Matt Santry Band
The Mighty Manatees
The Mules
The Naturals
The Nomads
The Offenders
The Red Alert Band
The Rob Dickenson Band
The Fraction
The Tim Williams Band
The Todd Martin Band
Transistor Rodeo 
Wooden Wire